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death and despair in oklahoma songbirds struck by a massive tornado that's left at least two dozen dead and manny homeless. russian security forces say they killed the right hand man of russia's most wanted terrorist and special operations in the north caucasus. justice department versus journalist outrage over what's seen as a government swipe at media freedom after a target a fox news reporter who published secrets from an official. six pm in moscow you watching r t. the search for survivors continues in the
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suburbs of america's oklahoma city devastated by one of the deadliest tornadoes in years a massive cycle own tore through a residential area leaving chaos and its wake. the local medical examiner's office has revised the initial number of dead down from fifty one to at least twenty four some of the victims are schoolchildren but the figures are still expected to rise as rescuers continue to sift through the rubble president obama has declared the area a disaster zone parties some sacks has more from washington. a massive tornado ripped through oklahoma ripped through the areas around oklahoma city i was need for a tornado it's the second strongest tornado on the scale from you one to you five that means winds over two hundred miles an hour the tornado was reportedly two miles wide something you don't see very often here wide swaths of residential area have been completely just decimated as though something you'd see after the
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hiroshima or nagasaki tomic bombings was just unbearable routing and you can see stuff flying everywhere just about like on the movie twister. everything i know. my my pickup was sitting out there my daughter's car everything rescuers are frantically searching through the rubble where there was an elementary school in line with the tornado reports are that there were seventy five students in staff in the school at the time the tornado hit and that school's been reduced to rubble rescuers are now combing through that school trying to pull out people alive and we have some reports that some children have indeed been pulled out alive this is the sound and then i. mean reading. this was one of about twenty eight tornadoes that touched down around the area in oklahoma kansas illinois i walked in to make matters worse the main
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hospital in moore oklahoma had to be evacuated for you know it sustained massive damage in the storm and storm as well this is something you know nearly unprecedented in the area disaster relief expert and we all go smith who was involved in tackling the aftermath of the fukushima tragedy says politics needs to be taken out of aid work and prevention measures. i used to live near kansas and so i know you know the seriousness of of tornadoes i've been once very close to one but i cannot imagine what hardships they are going through in pain we have to be very careful and consider you know any kind of warning system should be completely not political you know the words it has to be on the best scientific knowledge and that is the way to protect the people as much as possible but a lot of times these decisions are political about what kind of warnings to issue
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or what kind of preparation to make and that's absolutely not excusable i don't know what the case is in oklahoma but i know that that's for sure in japan what happened and trying to reestablish a life back where where you were located before i mean rebuilding complete cities towns villages is just incredibly difficult and it's just so much hardship and to increase that hardship because of poor political decisions is just inexcusable or keeping you updated on the turn a tragedy in the american midwest on air and online will latest food edge photos and i witness accounts from the scene at r.t. dot com. russia's national security council chief is in washington for talks weighs u.s. counterpart dominating the agenda on the issue of global safety argues a gorgeous going up has the details the operation took place in
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a residential neighborhood in russia's south the republic of english traits in the caucasus police blocked a private house where a group of suspected militants was fighting the refused to surrender only a woman accompanied by a child came out she is believed to be the wife of one of the armed men and shortly after she did they opened fire at the authorities and were eliminated now soon after the operation ended the investigators found out that one of the militants was the right hand men of russia as the number one terrorist model for took the responsibility for various terror attacks across all russia including the two moscow metro blasts and the attack on the much of the airport and to the operation continues a set of successful anti terror efforts in russia since just on monday of that he's announced that before a plan to attack moscow by a group of terrorists now all this adds weight to the visit of the head of russia's security council who's now in the united states it's legal i probably should does
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have some useful experience he could share with american counterparts when it comes to tackling terrorism since international terror is one of the mean mutual threats that russia and the united states share his visit does come shortly after the recent terror attack in boston the which was so blind and conducted by the time my brothers both of whom were of origin while the caucasus for russia is one of the most volatile region since just on monday four people were killed in the southern republic of kyrgyzstan in two car bomb explosions now surely the two countries six. the services do have a lot to talk about lots of spheres where they work together following the direct orders of the presidents of both russia and the us for the security services intensified cooperation. law professor at the center john moran says that in the wake of the boston bombing the u.s. stance on global terrorism needs to change. the preparation so that means it began
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long before the. attack. but at the same time of course it should be a kind of a counterpoint during these negotiations right now because the main message that should convey to you is that in the same boat. we need to do something about it to my american friends you need to stop providing the status of refugees the chechen terrorists you need to disband the so called american community. which is now action is called american committed for peace in the caucasus as you can see those people who were killed in the russians they start killing americans unfortunately in the last several decades the position of the united states was so different from the position of russia regard and regard in the caucasus that we got an. overall disintegration of the russian federation so i believe it paradoxically is a boston attack and they have a kind of
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a healing but you will effect on the american society of the american government. a journalist and free speech activists in the u.s. or around a on the justice department's probe into fox news reporter the government's paul james rosen's phone logs personal e-mails and security badge records over an alleged conspiracy rosen is not charged with any crime and there is deep suspicion that national security is now a pretext to keep america's reporters on a tight leash and here's our washington correspondent garnished account with more. the u.s. justice department not only subpoena fox news reporters private e-mails but also said that james rosen was quote an aider and abettor and or coconspirator in the alleged crime so these words appear in a court document basically accusing the reporter of breaking the law for conducting routine business of reporting on government secrets in the forty four pages of the justice department application for the search warrant of mr rosen's g.-mail account you see e-mail exchanges between the state department employee identified as the
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alleged in the courier and james rosen so the authorities have established that the communication between the two has led to rosen writing an article in two thousand and nine which said north korea planned to respond to looming u.n. sanctions with another nuclear test it's becoming obvious to journalists that the administration is now targeting not just the leakers but also reporters just recently we learned that the u.s. justice department secretly obtained two months of telephone records targeting a.p. reporters and editors work and personal phone numbers eight people leaves more than one hundred of its journalists were caught up in this surveillance sweep the some president eight hundred full leaks has had an enormous chilling effect on investigative journalism the obama administration has brought more cases against whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined journalists have seen their sources drying out as government officials are much less inclined to share these days but now we see
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a different probably more alarming development the government making journalists the subject of their investigations and it's not clear what the government expects from journalists just to copy paste whatever they say in press releases if that is the case that would be the end of our profession. now the recent scales expose a fine line between the demands of media freedom and those of statehood charlie mcgraw from wide awake news told r.t. shaun thomas that journalists are paying a price for going beyond official sources if you're talking about reporting news information that is critical for it is through the pockets yet says he thinks it can be reported this shouldn't be leaked but you're going to go after the jury was to do his job and not the intersect is a dysfunctional government that had folks in the search planes now the government is investigating reporters in the hopes of finding leaks within its own ranks and you kind of touched on this just
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a second ago why do you think it has chosen this approach rather than looking for the source of the actually to scare the hell out of the body who dares to stand up to the party well into the agenda large and this isn't just you know build a new situation it's the previous administration it will be the next administration it is control totalitarian tyrannical government it's hubris at its worst and it's going to continue there will be freedom of the people this country. and coming up why is the line for justice and guantanamo bay international happy target the west military you're running the camp as we speak to a lawyer for one of the hunger strikers claims to have been nearly shot dad by prison guards. plus bottling up their real issues e.u. ministers throw their efforts into restaurant rules on serving olive oil despite the cotton being smothered in doubt of the tales are up ahead here in r.t. .
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dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean will they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. to call deadly pills you get in a subway he was killed. he didn't pass away they let him die. is pharmacy really about helping people. download the official publication yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't do so now
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with your mobile device so you can watch your t.v. any time anyway. welcome back to watching our team now three and a half months into the guantanamo hunger strike and the u.s. military are running the facilities under fire. rush pressure to close the camp and the tories international group of hacktivists known as anonymous have threatened to disrupt for is an activity forcing the authorities to shut down the wireless internet access as a precaution most of the one hundred sixty six detainees at guantanamo are starving themselves in protest indefinite detention without charge or. one of the captives lawyers. thirty five year old detainee. was reportedly shot several times by get more guard last month his attorney ramsey cost some joins me now to
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speak exclusively to our team about what happened mr clawson thank you for your time. and when it was your client shot and what were the circumstances of the shooting on saturday april thirteenth of this year the bottom will military prison and the strange decided to raid them six the prison facility at guantanamo pipeline the trollies prison. leave to conduct a direct order to move all the prisoners into solitary confinement and that was just one additional way that the prison the station wanted to try to break the hunger strike what happened on that day according to mr allawi is that in the process he was shot without any warning for absolutely no good reason by one of the u.s. army guards at dangerously close range using rubber coated steel pellets that are only safely use outside of a certain range he was shot in five places one shot was around the heart another shot was in his elbow another was in his shoulder and there were a couple of impact on the size particularly the shot that went to his heart the
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dark horse of range even a rubber coated steel pellet can penetrate skin and can be fatal the authorities are guantanamo endangered mr always life for no reason they gave him no warning they fired on him repeatedly and then following that fact they delayed the medical treatment that he should have received immediately as the u.s. government acknowledged that this shooting did take place absolutely and i received confirmation in writing by an e-mail from the department of justice that mr ali was sustained what they described as minor injuries but then when i heard the description from mr all we solved it was very different from what i saw on the governments and we also received confirmation in writing from the u.s. government via e-mail that he was being force fed. that too is a vial. nation of international law fact that it is done in an unnecessarily painful and brutal way that does that prisoners are strapped down to use restraint chairs that they have to force down their nose into their stomachs there are many
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other ways to to feed prisoners even if those prisoners wish to be true. and the us government is again doing it in a deliberately filing way in order to break the hunger strikes the only official who is responsible for the existence of guantanamo today as far as i'm concerned as far as my clients are concerned is president obama himself he needs to take concrete steps towards closing the prison and i don't believe the man i'd want on a mobile interrupt their hunger strike unless president obama takes such concrete steps and one very obvious concrete step he can take is to begin by releasing some prisoners who are approved for transfer who can be repatriated or resettled in another country like another one of my current shagger armor who's been approved for transfer for years the u.k. has been asking for his release that's the united states oldest and most trustworthy ally he is a very natural for us that the president is serious about closing guantanamo we need actions we need deeds not words mr carson thank you very much for your time and really thank you. assuming protest leaders in iraq are demanding autonomy from
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baghdad according to reports on the country's state media meanwhile a fresh surge of nationwide to tarion violence has left at least twelve people dead as follows a deadly wave of bombings on monday that has seen eighteen people killed and almost two hundred injured the country has been a grip of the worst sunni and shia tit for tat attacks since the two thousand and three u.s. led military intervention political analyst professor bray maloof says the recent surge in sectarian bloodshed could lead to grave consequences for the whole region . this is definitely a conflict that has read by month at what's in store as a sectarian conflict staking place and iraq since the u.s. and weighs in on that country ten years ago the identity of the. and iraq before the invasion was not on the one the same thing goes for syria today on one hand you have sectarian forces trying to stir up some conflicts on the other hand you have
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men these son this is within syria probably more than half of the sun the population within syria siding with the bashar assad regime because they realize that the old government the as and. that in conflict and sectarian divisions now british prime minister david cameron is expected in brussels this week for talks on e.u. struggling policies although everyone around the table knows the u.k. has got one eye on the exit with cameron's party circulating a draft referendum bill well here's what the british public seems to think so far close to half of those surveyed for a national newspaper would say yes to leaving you as opposed to thirty percent who would vote to stay as for when they want to the side forty four percent and say now while only twenty nine percent are ready to wait until the conservative bills deadline of twenty seventeen and i'm or britain's business leaders have warned the
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swelling and say you sentiment and uncertainty could scare off idle foreign investors you can't hands party leader nigel for our says that's another reason the referendum is needed now. well what would have been really damaging to the u.k. economy is if we'd been stupid enough to join the euro zone but thank goodness we said no otherwise we'd be in a very similar state to many of the mediterranean countries today so that was the first big good decision that we bade him now i do understand the argument about it . even though i very much take the view of the trade would go on between britain and the rest of europe very completely unaffected by us leaving political union after all european countries so far more goods to us than we do to them but i do understand that anything where you're told it could be had for perhaps even five years debate on the subject could lead to. all which really reinforces my view what cameron has done here is to attempt to kick this is you off into the long
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grass and that really we've got to have a referendum to sort this issue out before the next general election. but when in rome or here's how one italian entrepreneur chose to tell the country that it needs to quit the euro zone he climbed the deal we've seen peter's basilica hoping for a little divine intervention there and while on top of the world's largest catholic cathedral he appealed to the pope to help persuade the government to have more faith in going it alone. but of all the things the e.u. might have on its plate right now it seems the most pressing issue for them right now is olive oil here's artie's peter over. from the start of next year the european dining experience is set for a small change that could have potentially huge implications after the deadline restaurants won't be able to serve all of oil from small bottles like this that can
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be topped up they going to have to service from sealed bottles that can't be refilled now this is being put into law from brussels by the european union and it's going to come into effect as i say from the first of january next year now to talk more about this and what it actually means i'm joined by steve meissner from the german political organization a party of reason safe the you surely has bigger things to worry about than this right now i would think so this seems to be almost like a caricature of the you with their with their constant meddling and small problems and making small problems a big problem for them you would think they would have less to do with the euro currency problems and the debt crisis in southern europe but no if you only go having to start dealing with the rest on what they can serve an open corrupt and it sort of talk really it also it just smacks of a lack of self-awareness the e.u. is under attack from many different sides you've got people in britain wanting to
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pull out of the union and they go and live up to the stereotype of bonkers brussels bureaucracy and make legislation about all of oil as it does seem to be a real lack of self-awareness that is why do they think do they have too much time in the hands perhaps there is the problem you aren't even big enough that they still have energy and tax money and very crap to spare to spend on silly experiments like this are only programs like this where we have to cut down the whole size of the new broccoli that they have don't have to pay that much money and be that many bureaucrats so they can't even come up with the all these harebrained schemes in the first place this is definitely not something that needs to be done on the international uy basis how we're going to serve our all of oil in the restaurant i mean i don't see the need for it at all but there we go steve my society very much for talking to us all of oil topping the list of topics that the
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e.u. deem needs their attention right now. how europeans frustration isn't just restricted to the hot beds in the south this is the normal placid capital of sweden which has seen angry you've said cars and buildings of ways that are we explain stockholm's sudden riot plus. the revelation that over eighty five thousand american veterans sought medical help for sex abuse trauma last year alone a report and online. with more than a billion people each you'd expect china and india to carry some clout so imagine what they could do by joining up they've agreed one hundred billion dollars bilateral trade target for two thousand and fifteen world affairs analyst says beijing and new delhi have all it takes to make a good business team. president xi jinping chose russia for his first foreign visit after assuming office and premier league kitchen has chosen india for its first foreign visit so it does show that for the chinese the greeks formation is very
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critical in india also we take it seriously and interpret street has been growing at a tremendous space and if you're trying to trade for a victory if you reach up to one hundred billion dollars in the next couple of years so that's a very ambitious target of increasing it almost with forty percent and if they're cheap it it's all going to benefit the rest of the brics countries in so far as it's already creating momentum because india and china are obviously the two major economies in the brics formation and there is an effort on the part of india i tracked chinese investment especially in our infrastructure sector so the growth edge and of these two missions which is what is making them so important in the war is very connected to truly investment strategies and that's what i think the chinese premier means when he says that this is going to this partnership if we can iron out some of the i'm comfortable aspects of it it will turn out to be of invent
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competition and you hate governments gay marriage bill gets its third and final commons reading later today supporting same sex marriages was a flagship pledge for prime minister david cameron although a swathe of his own party disagree and they are intent on giving their leader a tough time getting it through i think is contributor abstainer tonsil says the premier is using it to distract attention from his government's failures we all though david cameron is finished no one in this country voted of the majority of the people in this country did not vote for him three prime minister and just as the previous conservative prime ministers he's facing immense trouble on his back benches the vote in the next few hours he'll win because of the labor. body and liberal democrat votes not his own votes go to remember the inequality rising was rising under tony blair is going to have is set to rise even more under
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a david cameron's policies he's trying desperately to avert attention from the disastrous economic policies currently undergoing that are going on here in britain . and coming right up a look at human guinea pigs and pharmaceutical drug trials in the u.s. . although i was born after the vietnam era i remember t.v. discussions about that buddhist monk who burnt himself to death as a form of protest the commentators on the news that people there just have a different mindset that westerners could never understand you know which is probably true but they were implying that people in the west are just different and would never use this absolutely extreme form of protest which is also probably true
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until just recently with the cost of electricity exceeding the income of the average ball garion and a new government coming to power that looks exactly like the old government that collapsed at least six ball gary and have used self-immolation as a very desperate and extreme form of protest but why kristen ghodsee a professor at bowdoin college who is extensively talked about here and protesters claims that those who self-immolating are just incredibly desperate and cannot feed their own children and that people are actually becoming a stealth check for communism because at least that system at the people's basic needs the current democratic system from the populace perspective according to her just cycles through a few new crooks every few years although it does get media attention and you may be feeling desperate suicide is never an answer the more living bulgarians the better book area's chances believe me but that's just my opinion.
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wealthy british style. markets why not canada. why not what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r g.
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